Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sparkle dollars closing... Good Greif

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that Sparkle Dollars will be closing effective September 30th 2009. Please refer to the Closing FAQ's Page for more information regarding the close. This site has been online 2+years and I've enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you to my wonderful members who have supported me through the years. May you be blessed with nothing but happiness in the future.
Bridget -Sparkle Dollars Owner

Peace and love GPT ~ Teddy Bear Clixs GONE

Both sites are parked by Godaddy, Seem the are owned by kelly Ann the owner of Myflippercash. Who is in a bunch of legal trouble for fraud, and Drugs. Please go to this link to real ALL about it.

Another one bites the dust

To All MyMakeupMoney Members,

It is with a heavy heart that I am closing MyMakeupMoney but I feel the time has come. I want you all to know that I have NO plans to close my other site TheTwoDivasGPT (TTD) but I just cannot keep two sites up at this time.

For those of you who have reached the $5 minimum to cash out, you can do that at any time but must be done by September 10th. I am not selling MyMakeupMoney, it will just go poof and you won't see it anymore. So, before that happens, you need to go in and see what offers you've had approved so you don't repeat them on another site.

For those of you who have not reached the $5 minimum, you can open up an account at TTD and I will transfer your money and points over there. If you already have an account there, I will make sure to transfer everything over.

If you have an upgrade or advertising at MyMakeupMoney, I will make sure I upgrade your account at TTD as well as transfer advertising. I won't leave anyone hanging. But in order for me to transfer everything over, you must have or open an account at TTD.

Please let me know if you want your money, points, advertising and upgrade transferred to TTD. If you just want your account deleted, I can do that too. Please let me know no later than September 10th so I can get it all done before the site goes down.

If you wish to join TheTwoDivasGPT, there is a paid to sign up on MyMakeupMoney paying .15 cents. I'd love to have you all over there. For those of you who are not members there, it's the same site, same offers, same promotions and contests (usually). I have a $5 cashout minimum, 15% referral commission. I do pay within 24 hours over there as well and am not requiring you to be ID verified to cashout as long as I don't suspect fraud.

In the meantime, please remove or change your MyMakeupMoney banners as no new members are being accepted. I will have all offers down by September 5th. I'm going through and deleting inactive accounts with zero balances now so you'll see the member count go way down.

I will not be putting up any more contests, promotions or raffles here after August 31st. When the contest, promotions and raffle as well as the jackpot money has been credited to the winner's accounts, please withdraw as soon as possible and all payments will be made at that time.

I want to thank all my members who have been with me this past year. I've enjoyed talking and getting to know you all. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them my way. I look forward to seeing you over at TheTwoDivasGPT! Take care.........Terri

P.S. In the meantime, as I said earlier in this message, I am deleting inactive members with zero balances. If you want your money and points transferred, please let me know. Before the site goes down, however, all accounts will be deleted off of the database so you need to make sure to get in touch with me before Sept. 10th.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hello MFC Members,

Once again I'd like to send everyone an update to let them know what's going on with the site as well as with any earnings you may have. I have been going through looking to see what payments are due to me by advertisers and what is due to everyone on the site. Unfortunately with a large amount of leads not being paid for by a few of our advertisers, I will not be able to pay everyone their full earnings. Based on the upcoming payments that I will receive (which should be around mid-to-late September), I will be able to pay everyone 10% of their current earnings to date. I know that this is a lot lower than expected, but I cannot pay on earnings for earnings that I never received in the first place. I have deleted the current pending withdrawals and have adjusted the withdrawal methods on the site to reflect the 10% can be paid out. I have also added a Site Donation option if you'd like to donate your earnings back to the site. Please make sure to request your cashout prior to September 2nd 10pm (all earnings not requested by this time will be forfeited) so I will have enough time to get a list of all accounts with amounts due. The site will officially close on September 3rd. Thanks to everyone for being a member of the site, and please allow up until the end of September to receive your earnings that you requested.

Thanks For Spending Time At MFC!
My Flipper Cash

*** I am getting screwed out of 90% of my earnings. Earnings that I have had on my account for a few months and are not effected by the RECENT non payment from here advertisers.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Several Site closings will close September 30th 2009.

My Flipper will be closing September 4th 2009.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hits4Pay Payment

Hits4Pay Payment~ I love this they always pay and on time!!

Amount: $25.15 USD
Transaction Date: Aug 21, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted

Thank you for your continued support

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CupidCash Payment

CupidCash~ Amount: $25.00 USD

Transaction Date: Aug 3, 2009

Subject: You've got money!

Message: Thanks for being an awesome member, don't miss August's promos and games! misti

Monday, August 3, 2009

Double cash back shopping at CupidCash and more

FishingForFunds~ The site has no converted to cash offers not just points only. Min. cash out is JUST $5.00. She will start paying Net 15 on a trial basis and see how it goes. Contest Complete 3 offers and get $1.00. One time only.

CupidCash~WOOHOOO the Christmas Promotion has started.Get your name and you kids names and wishes on the Christmas list for your presents. See the forum for full details.
PLUS from now till August 16th get double the amount on all cashback shopping