Friday, August 28, 2009


Hello MFC Members,

Once again I'd like to send everyone an update to let them know what's going on with the site as well as with any earnings you may have. I have been going through looking to see what payments are due to me by advertisers and what is due to everyone on the site. Unfortunately with a large amount of leads not being paid for by a few of our advertisers, I will not be able to pay everyone their full earnings. Based on the upcoming payments that I will receive (which should be around mid-to-late September), I will be able to pay everyone 10% of their current earnings to date. I know that this is a lot lower than expected, but I cannot pay on earnings for earnings that I never received in the first place. I have deleted the current pending withdrawals and have adjusted the withdrawal methods on the site to reflect the 10% can be paid out. I have also added a Site Donation option if you'd like to donate your earnings back to the site. Please make sure to request your cashout prior to September 2nd 10pm (all earnings not requested by this time will be forfeited) so I will have enough time to get a list of all accounts with amounts due. The site will officially close on September 3rd. Thanks to everyone for being a member of the site, and please allow up until the end of September to receive your earnings that you requested.

Thanks For Spending Time At MFC!
My Flipper Cash

*** I am getting screwed out of 90% of my earnings. Earnings that I have had on my account for a few months and are not effected by the RECENT non payment from here advertisers.



Anonymous said...

I have always known she was a money-hungry-selfish person. Nobody wanted to believe me. That's why I stayed clear when she first started out with like 8 PTC sites and sold each one off and then went on to GPTs.

Sorry to hear about your losses!

I am glad to see MFC finally shutting down. Good riddance. said...

Yes, its best to cashout as soon as possible always. What else is better, but to join a site that pays instantly, just like we do at Check us out if you haven't yet.

misti said...

I will be paying you what you are owed.
Please let me know how much it is.

rracers89 said...

Misti ( I love you and cupidcash, which is the only site I really work at because I do trust you.I can not/will not let you do that. It was partially my own fault for letting it "ride" there for 4 plus months I was using it for CupidCash advertising. Lesson learned :)

Anonymous said...

She started out with PTCs? Is she in any way related to Maderite/lalo/latinptc network/john parks/anmlwakr aka scammer, or mike and mark of Gptnetworks? Scammers everyone of them.