Sunday, May 31, 2009

YouData,DolphinPtr Payments and News

YouData Payment.
Amount: $0.48 USD
Transaction Date: May 29, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted

DolphinPTR Payment
You received a payment of $3.00 USD from DolphinPTR

PaidTheFastest ~ They are now offering Instant PayPal Payments. You need to verify your information by calling a 1-800 number. Check the site for the phone number.

Do Not forget to cashout tonight. Have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Joined another Site

  • Get Paid to Surf and Click
  • $1 Weekly Referral Contest
  • Win Cash & Advertising in EarnEasyCash's free Play While You Surf Game
  • New Lottery!
  • Low $1 Payout for Basic Members Within Three Days!
  • No Minimum Low Payout for Premium Members!
New Game on EarnEasyCash! To play, simply go to the Earnings page and start earning cash. Every 9 ads you surf for cash, you get to play for free! You can win Cash and PTC Advertising.

Tonight I won 22 PTC links 45 banners and .01 all for doing what i normally do. COOL

Joined A New Site

Earn Easy PTR~
Just Launched on May 21st 2009, New site by trusted Admin
$1 Minimum PayPal or Alert Pay Cash Out
3 Referral Levels 15%, 5%, 1%
Earn $0.03 for every new referral
Payments are on a Net 5 basis

.05 Sign Up Bonus
Join Now and Build Your down line!!!



ForestFacesPTC and LionDancePTC~ Both sites are having a raffle there are 150 tickets and they are .25c each Once they are all sold, one winner will be drawn and will receive a $10 deposit into their paypal or alertpay account. You may buy as many as you'd like.
HundredAcreClicks~ Has a new ad special called Summer Nights it includes
# 20 Tickets
# 400 Link Credits ( $1.2 Value )
# 20000 F. Ad Credits ( $2 Value )
# 40000 Banner Credits ( $4 Value )
Click Here To Buy Now For $1.25!
CupidCash~ this weekend promo's are Freeforall Friday be the "best all around" member with earnings, completions, and referrals and get 3.00 to your account.
Family Feud 1pm CST on FRIDAY, Salmost over Saturday for the last time this month, get 1.00 for every 5 offers completed, OR 2.00 for every 5.00 earned unlimited times.
See the forum Sunday...I am promoing ALOT of offers in the forum in the offer discussion section. I will run numbers through the end of the month, and if you complete any of those promo offers, I will DOUBLE the prize you win. Bingo at 230PM CST on SUNDAY.
PeaceandLove GPT~ Woot there's a promo code on the front page,Thanks Trully, grab it while you can and while your there check out the new offers!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sites for Sale, Delayed Payment's, Todays promo's

FlowerPower PTC and Lemonaide Clickers are for sale, Their owned by Trully Luke if anyone is interested please contact her.

LionDancePTC~ Admin has been having some issues with the site since switching hosts, but wants members to know she has not forgot about payments and all payments will be made by Friday May 29th. I just bought an upgrade at this site. Good Site. I have been paid 3x so far.

PeaceandLove GPT~ This is a message I recieved in a email, I copied and pasted since there was so much info. I did not want to miss anything. I am assuming now the site is not gonna be sold, BUT that is just an assumption on my part.
The cost to enjoy being a Hippie have been lowered and I have added a one month membership as a choice. Remember, you won't have the $10 minimum, you will get paid on demand and lots more.

Those upgraded to Hippie will enjoy the following:

~ No minimum cash out ($10 minimum waived for hippies)
~ On demand payments (get paid when YOU want to)
~ 1 referral per month
~ 30 day banner impression for 1 banner monthly
~ Free .001 PTC ad to 100 hits monthly
~ Referral levels 20%/10%
~ Daily Trivia
~ 12% discount on advertising purchases
~ And more...
Your cost to enjoy these benefits for:

1 year = $45
6 mos = $25
3 mos = $15
1 month = $6
HundredAcreClicks~ Has been cleaning up the site of members from China and bots. So that is why you might be seeing a decrease in your referrals. Also don't forget the free raffle ticket with any UPGRADE purchase promo. There are 30 tickets left. Plus any and all purchases will count toward the current purchase contest AND towards your support balance for the Garden of Milestones bonus!!

RUReady4Money~ is extending the earn $1 get 0.25 unlimited contest for another day.

CupidCash~ Today's promo is Top Earner for today wins $5.00

MyFlipperCash~ Today is Thrifty Thursday buy any advertising or upgrade and receive 25% cashback. Send TT for the bonus.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday's Updates,Promo's,Payment

LightHouse GPT~ Double Beacon Wednesday all Beacon points earned will be doubled today.
Also, do not forget to vote in the forum for the new look at Lighthouse.

Anythingfree4You~ Today Earn $5.00 and win $1.00 unlimited times. Ends 9pmEST tonight.

HundredAcreClicks~ Received my 3rd payment. This is one of my favorite PTC sites. Lisa is GREAT!! Thanks for the fast payment i got it in less the 5 hours from cashout.
Amount: $3.00 USD
Transaction Date: May 26, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted
Subject: You've got a payment
Message: Thanks from Hundred Acre Clicks! Have a Poohriffic Day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's news

PaidTheFastest~ sometime this week thwe will be adding instant PayPal payments to all members after completion of verification. This way there will be no 24-48 hour delay on your cashouts.

FlowerPower PTC~ Site is now for sale $45.00 OBO Info from admin is
she's done some upgrades on the site and had a GEOIP detector installed. Hosting is paid for through Maderite until June 20th and the domain is paid through October.

MyFlipperCashclicks ~ Payment
Amount: $2.23 USD
Transaction Date: May 24, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted
Subject: You've got a payment

MFCC Payment - Thanks! Kelly

PeaceAndLove GPT ~ This is the message members received this morning "I have to say that I have never been so disappointed in my life. I had VERY few participants and then the winner backed out. I am trying everything in my power to make this site fun for all of you and I get NO participation. No one is interested in upgrading (for extra benefits), no one visits the forum (for games and additional ways to earn money), I have sold only a handful of raffle tickets(for a $70 cash prize) and no one participated in this purchase contest (for a PTC site) either. That being said, I am going to take the next few days to think and am seriously considering selling. Obviously I just can't make it work."


Monday, May 25, 2009


PeaceandLove GPT The purchase contest will end tonight at midnight (EST). The prize is your own PTC site which is Lemonaide Clickers. The leader at this point has a $5.00 bid in place.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Payments, promo's and More

Anythingfree4You~ All point prizes now have the exact cash value of 2 cents - Meaning all prizes were lowered. $5 is now only 250 points , $10 is only 500 points and $20 is only 1000 points
Complete the most offers today and get $10 - As an added bonus if you win,I will pay your $10 bonus to your paypal.
Also got my PTC payment, Thanks!!!

LightHouseGPT~ Sunday and Monday Purchase an upgrade via Paypal and you will get triple the ads, Purchase any ads and they will be doubled.

MyFlipperCashClicks referral bonus percentage changes. Starting Saturday, referral bonuses change to 10% for free members, and 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% for the various membership upgrades. The referral bonus now also goes three levels deep, instead of just one level. She will now pay $.25 for payment proofs posted in forums. Send a TT one you post. This is unlimited.

RUready4Money ALL mmoney bags will be reset tonight so she can up the value to $.10 make sure you redeem your bags before tonight or you will lose the, I bought an upgrade!!
Sundays Promo random promo code for every 5 offers completed.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


DealBarbiePays just sent you money with PayPal.

Payment details

Amount: $1.25 USD

Transaction Date: May 22, 2009

Transaction ID: Deleted

Subject: DBPFAST


YouData, Inc. just sent you money with PayPal.

Payment details

Amount: $0.13 USD

Transaction Date: May 22, 2009

Transaction ID: DELETED



Amount: $17.75 USD

Transaction Date: May 22, 2009

Transaction ID: DELETED

Subject: You've got a payment

Message: Here is your early April payment to say thank you for being a Cupid's golden arrow. Enjoy your shopping :) misti


More Friday News

I knew I forgot some stuff...TGIF

BeachClicks Is d
isabling surf all links, and enabling the cheat detector link. Do NOT click on that link. IF you click on this link, your account will be deleted.

DCOS Today is Cashout day Dont forget to cashout before Midnight tonight. Bonus's today are
Do a daily survey get 0.05 cents. Also Get 5 offers to credit and get .50 cents just for a bonus!.

If you are a member of Clicksense you need to log in ATLEAST every 90 days or your account will be delted. UGH I learned the hard way, forgot all about the site till i tried to log in today. BLAHHH

Little Swan Clicks have not verified this myself but according to this post you must now buy an upgrade in order to cashout.

Friday and Weekend Promo's

FishingForFunds complete 2 offers get a bonus 25 pts contest. Unlimited times.

Cupid Cash Featured Friday Buy one get one free....any and all types of ads. This i s good deal.
this weekend will be.
Stay here Saturday - Every hour, I am going to randomly choose one offer that hour to double. You can get this unlimited times, unlimited amounts...even trials!!!
Stop Sunday - Stop whatever you are jackpot offers! I will give you TRIPLE entries, and TRIPLE the amount of money I put in.

HundredAcreClicks For a limited time you get one free raffle entry with every Upgrade purchase She will honor account fund purchases for this offer, as well as for the purchase contest
She will be adding Garden of Milestones. This page will be dedicated to our advertisers . This page will include bonuses for our advertisers when they reach a certain amount in purchases they will receive a special bonus. I will tally up all purchases EVER made on HAC and keep a running total for each advertiser. This includes account fund purchases as well. If you are interested in knowing your current balance as to know how close you are to a milestone, just send me an email and I will be glad to let you know.
Sufrin Sunday's don't forget she adds the surf link!!

RuReady4Money TONS OF NEWS HERE so I am just gonna copy and paste!! This is from an email she sent out this morning.
Cash / Points cannot be transferred from one account to another.
Photo ID must be sent to me via email or snail mail prior to payment being processed. This is to protect my business. You may blacken out all your ID number as I only need to see the name and address. You only have to send it once then I will mark you as verified at level 2. If you need my mailing address please contact me and I will be more than happy to give it to you. I know this will turn some of you off and I am sorry but it is what needs to be done.
Points are NOT allowed to be converted to cash per the rules of our affiliates and advertisers. You may still use points to purchase ads, referrals, and upgrades. I will be adding giftcard purchases to them as well

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lighthouse GPT has a possible new look for her site. Check out the forum to see it and let her know what you think. I like it it is cleaner "fresher"look.

CupidCash Thank you Thursday - To say thanks to my wonderful members, take a doubledays.
Any offer will be doubled.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh well

PamperedPets PTC is now requiring its members to upgrade in order to cash out. PFFFFFFFFFFF No thanks. Glad I was not a member.

CupidCash Today Is Way to go Wednesday - Get 1.00 for every 5 offers approved,
2.00 for every 5.00 earned

RuReady4Money Has made a change to the TOS so please log in and check it out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


PeaceandLove GPT is not being sold, the owner has decided to keep it. Its a great site and I LOVE the design.

TheDragonsGold is for sale. Members have till June 18th to request payout.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh Good Greif ANOTHER Site for Sale

PeaceandLove GPT~ Why is it for sale AGAIN because an owner has to many sites and does not have the time to dedicate to it.
Payment' s were made.

Amount: $11.82 USD
Transaction Date: May 16, 2009
Transaction ID:
Subject: You've got a payment
Message: Congrats from Peace and Love GPT :) For Sale Email the owner at if your intrested. Owner claims that they have a new GPT and PTC site and does not have enough time to handle both sites. The owner wants you to for a free account at send him an email and he'll add your balance on your new account you do not have to wait for seven days to cashout for standard membership you can cashout anytime you reach 3 dollars. He does not want anyone to loose any penny.You have to June 30, 2009 to transfer your account to the new script for payment after june 30 sold or not he will not be responsible for any earning you had on the site.

CopsAndDonuts PTC Special
Now through May 31st, purchase the Grand Re-Opening Special and receive a Patrolman Upgrade for FREE! This upgrade includes:

# 50% Downline Earnings
# $0.01 PTP CPM
# 500 PTR Credits Upon Joining
# 500 Link Credits Upon Joining
# 500 X-Credits Upon Joining
# 5000 Banner Credits Upon Joining
# 5000 F. Banner Credits Upon Joining
# 5000 F. Ad Credits Upon Joining

Hurry! This is only valid until the end of the month.

Another YouData Payment

YouData, Inc. just sent you money with PayPal.

Payment details

Amount: $1.02 USD
Transaction Date: May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

UMMMM Are you Kidding me?

Keep On Truckin' PTC
Lion Dance PTC
Cops & Donuts PTC
Forest Faces PTC
Flower Power PTC
Lemonaide Clickers PTC
Peace and Love GPT
This is the email I received.
All of the sites listed above will be going to a new format of One Free Month, then you must upgrade or be deleted. Info regarding the other changes will be sent soon.

I will wait to see what the details are but as of right now I guess I will be canceling my membership at the above sites. I for one will not pay a PO so they pay me what I earned. I am VERY disappointed.

UPDATE I just recieved this message
I am hereby listening to my members and reversing the policy.

Thank you trully, I would of hated to leave your sites.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

R U Ready 4 Money SOLD

RUReady4Money has been sold to Jennteel. All pending withdrawal's have been paid.

MyPoints has started a new site called MyPoints Frogpond its a great new way for you to check out Websites and learn more about online products and services. You can find summaries of what each site is about, review sites and share them with friends, post your opinion to let others know what you think and give valuable feedback. Also find current promo codes for shopping on line stores.

I got my 2nd YouData payment on Friday.
Amount: $0.71 USD
Transaction Date: May 8, 2009

**On a personal note my daughter is doing better and should be able to come home in the morning :) Thank you for all the well wishes!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am away

My youngest daughter has become ill and admitted into the pediatric unit of the hospital on Sunday. Ill be away for awhile.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Just wanted to wish all of you Mom's a Happy Mothers Day!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Cupid Cash Today, do any jackpot offer and get DOUBLE entries unlimited times. Do 2 offers get 4 entries ect ect. email in when one of them approves!
Wheel of Fortune will be played in the forum beginning around noon and running off and on all day. Cost is .25 to play
Beginning today, get DOUBLE cash back on any purchase made through Cupid shopping page offer good until Sunday night.
In the forum are two threads....the worst present ever, and the cutest kids. All moms are eligible to participate. Tomorrow night, the members will vote on the worst/cutest, and the winner will get a 10.00 GC of choice.
PTC ads are half price
feud at 7PM CST tonight in chat

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cupid Cash Add Cash Back Shopping

CupidCash has added cash back shopping to the site. Get cash back into your account when you buy from retailers listed on the site. There are 9 pages of retailers including Walmart, Macy's and, Knex, mega blocks and ALOT more. DON'T FORGET MY OFFER JOIN UNDER ME DO 1 OFFER AND I'LL GIVE YOU 1 MONTH GOLD UPGRADE.

Friday's News

MyFlipperCash weekly Family Feud game VS. Dollar Click Or Sign Up, at their chat box, at 8 pm CST

Thursday's Promo's

CupidCash Have the most offers approved throughout the dayand get a $2.00. Check the forum for random games during the day. On a personal note the Survivor game we are playing is a BLAST!!! I hope Misti will do it again.

Any one that buys an upgrade or advertising today will receive 25% cash back into their account. Send in a trouble ticket to receive the cash back.

MoneyMakerInn Still has yet to pay there members what is owed. They stated in there email that all members will be paid on May 1st. Donney (dbake) and Tisha the owners SHAME ON YOU.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fixed Comment Moderation

Sorry PinUpMom thought that I had it set up that comments would be posted but I was wrong. You should beable to view all comments now when you click on them, they will pop up in a small window.

Glad I Pulled workInJammiesNow Advertising

Just venting but....I am glad I pulled all my advertising for the site it has been down for a few days with the following message. Hosting Account For This Domain Has Been Suspended.
Another one bites the dust i guess.....

Fishing4Mails Payment

This is my 4th payment.
You received a payment of $3.27 USD from David Levesley (

Description Unit price Qty Amount Payout
Item# 1
$3.27 USD 1 $3.27 USD

Tuesday's Promo's

MyFlipperCash Buy any two banner ad packages or two side panel packages and get one FREE! Submit a trouble ticket to get your free package.

CupidCash Today is terrific Tuesday Refer in the most users and get one months upgrade per referral
Chain reaction Game

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dolphin PTR Payment

Just joined 4/23 Made payout in just a matter of days. Payment received in 48 hours from request.
Description Unit price Qty Amount $3 Payout
$3.00 USD 1 $3.00 USD

You received a payment of $3.00 USD from Cuiyun Huang

Saturday, May 2, 2009


YouData, Inc. just sent you money with PayPal
Amount: $3.77 USD

Transaction Date: May 1, 2009
YouData, Inc. is a Verified buyer

AdPaid payment my 3rd one now!!! great site PTR emails,contest ptc. Requested less then 24 hours ago.
Amount: $3.03 USD

Transaction Date: May 1, 2009

Subject: You've got a payment Payment Confirmation

Friday, May 1, 2009

CupidCash Payment Thanks Misti

Amount: $13.01 USD
Transaction Date: May 1, 2009
Transaction ID: #############
Subject: You've got a payment
Message: You are the most awesome member anyone can ask for...thanks for being mine! Misti

Cupid Cash