Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End Of the Month

Today is the end of the Month. Gee where did June go? Don't forget to cash out by midnight tonight.

RuReady4Money~ Complete the most offers today and win a free upgrade. Next Month the cashout will be lowered to $10.00

CupidCash~ July will be Cupids Birthday month. There will be set promos, and some surprises all through the month check the site daily

Friday, June 26, 2009

More Payment's Recieved

DollarSurvey.Net Payments~
Amount: $1.00 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 23, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted
Subject: DollarSurveys.net Payment
Custom note: Payment from DollarSurveys
Amount: $0.25 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 23, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted
Subject: DollarSurveys.net Payment
Custom note: Payment from DollarSurveys

Payments recieved

Dolphin PTR~
Amount: $3.00 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 25, 2009
Transaction ID: DELETED
Subject: dolphinptr.com payout


It has been a CRAZY week. I am trying to get a schedule now that the kids are home form school.

PeaceandLove GPT~ Now has daily trivia.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PeaceAndLove GPT Sold

PeaceandLove GPT~ has been sold to Lora Sipple who also owns ClickOrSignUp.com and DollarClickOrSignUp.com. There will be CoAdmin that is going to help me manage the site, and it is Kelly Gibbs She currently owns MyFlipperCash

Friday, June 19, 2009


Cops&Donuts PTC~ Admin reports that Click rates are on their way up. There will be a purchase contest running until Monday night. Also Admin is going to implement a new "prize" on Cops & Donuts. Instead of using the PTSU section, Admin encourages everyone to sign up as you are doing your daily clix if you come across a site that you like. If you do this, please send an email and let her know what site you signed up for it can be ANY site, and she will credit you with 10,000 banner ads or 10,000 featured banner ads of your choice.
Purchase contest prizes are~
1st place ~ 150,000 link credits
2nd place ~ 75,000 PTR credits
3rd place ~ 2,000,000 banner ads
4th place ~ 1,000,000 f. banner ads
5th place ~ 750,000 f. ads

PeaceandLove GPT~ Purchase contest running till June 24th
The prizes are as follows:

1st place ~ 1,000,000 banner impressions
2nd place ~ 750,000 banner impressions
3rd place ~ 500,000 banner impressions
4th place ~ Cool Monthly Membership

Check in daily and I will be announcing the standings. With each purchase, you will receive a lottery ticket. If you haven't already purchased yours, you can use account funds. The grand prize is $70 CASH!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Payout options at Cupid Cash

HundredAcreClicks~ Due to some members are abusing the PTP privilege The admin is implementing a 100 click requirement for those who are promoting ONLY. All the promoting is causing a strain on the sites bandwidth and admin can not afford to upgrade her hosting any further. Purchase the following special with Alertpay and it will be doubled.
AlertPay Doubler Special
# $1
# 30 Tickets ( )
# 300 Link Credits ( $0.9 Value )
# 3000 X-Credits ( $3 Value )
# 30000 F. Ad Credits ( $3 Value

CupidCash~Misti has added 2 new Payout options. You may now get paid via obopay. There is an offer for this in the jackpot section...all you do is sign up, and when you send money to someone, I will give you 2.00 just for doing that. 2nd option is netspend. This is a prepaid card, that we would just transfer your payment to from Cupid's netspend. On this one though, as soon as you get your card in the mail and load it with 10.00, NETSPEND will give you another 5.00! Let me know, and I'll give you ANOTHER 1.50. This is by invitation only, so look at the site (it works like an online checking acct also, for direct deposit and paypal), and if you are interested, contact Misti and I she will send you an invitation. Their website is www.netspend.com.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates & Payments

Cupid Cash~ This week all upgrades are 25% off all Ads are half price.

Myflippercash PTC~ Members have 15 days left to transfer their account to 3dollarscashout.com to be paid. After June 30 the site will be sold and the owner will not be liable for any payments or account balance left.

CopsAndDonuts PTC ~ Payment received

Amount: $2.33 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 13, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted
Subject: You've got money from Cops and Donuts

YouData~ Payment received

Payment details

Amount: $0.14 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 12, 2009
Transaction ID: Deleted

Friday, June 12, 2009

SwagBucks New Look

Swagbucks 2.5 was released today. new look and more winning opportunities. Check it out. New widget released to. I love it

Search & Win

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PayPal Fee's

Alot of sites are sending out reminders to there members that if you use PayPal to send money for purchases to select the "personal" option. If this is not done sites may have to raise there rates if PayPal keeps taking up alot of the payment with there fees.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's News

CupidCash~To celebrate Jake's 3rd Birthday ( happy birthday) there will be paid games in the forum. Everyone gets 30% of all PTSU offers and GOLDEN ARROWS will get 60% of your PTSU offers today only. Promo good till midnight tonight. DON'T FORGET THIS PROMO IS STILL RUNNING ALSO Earn $1 bonus for every 5 offers approved and/or earn a $3 bonus on every 10 offers approved.
Anythingfree4you~ Complete the most $1.00 offer today win $25.00 or $10.00 ( paying top 2 earners basicly) And As a Surprise Double Contest get a $2 bonus for each trial offer completed today only.

Monday, June 8, 2009


CupidCash~ Team races start today, survivor is underway. This weeks promo is get $ 1.00 for every 5 offers completed all week and Get $3.00 for every ten earned all week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

6th YouData Payment

YouData, Inc. just sent you money with PayPal.

Amount: $0.32 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 5, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009


CupidCash~ Team races start today, check out the forum for more details. Survivor is underway and its a BLAST!! HUGE contest starting June 1st NOW is the time join!!

HundredAcreClicks~ Admin will now be paying PayPal fees when you cash out.

AdPaid~The admin will now be paying all PayPal fees. The will make one mass payout everyday. In order to receive payment, you must verify your account.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sites Sold

Forest Faces, Flower Power and LionDance PTC~ These three sites have been sold to someone by the name of Hintzanity. If you would like to transfer your balance to or Cops And Donuts, Keep on Truckin to the GPT site Peace and Love, please send me an email to the Admin Trully and she will transfer your balances.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CopsandDonuts PTC~ The points store is now up and running

PeaceandLove GPT~ Admin has added Cash Back Shopping and a promo bonus. The promo bonus will be added to your account when one of your referrals completes an offer worth .20 or more. You will receive .20 and 10 peace signs.

PaidTheFastest~ When cashing out you need to round two decimal places($7.537 would be $7.50) If you don't you will receive an error message

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Billionaire Bux Change in payout

I got this email ~ I have since canceled my account. Why, well I just joined and only had .003, dont like the 5% fee and the no warning about changes being made.

$0.01- Min-payout with membership
$1.00- Min-payout without membership
with a 5% fee. So once your account
reaches $1.05 you can cash out.

China no longer needs membership to cash out.
I feel this is fair to all.

If your account got deleted you had more than 1
account in the system 2 accounts with the same
payment email address will get you deleted.

Please only 1 account per household.
If you have more than 1 your account will be

We have a problem with fake sign ups.
You need to provide the welcome email
your account will be suspended more than 3

your account will be deleted that is cheating
you stop a person from getting real sign ups
and people are spending there money I will

delete your account for this. If you made a mistake it is your job to contact asap to
let me know what is going on.

I have install live help so if you need me
I should be online.

Yours Truly,

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st. News

DealBarbiePaysFast~ Month Long referral contest for every 5 New Referrals that register & verify their email you will receive $1. Month Long PTC contest paying the top 5.

AnyThingFree4You~ Paid to sign Up Contest, June 1st-6th,Month Lonf PTC contest paying top 5 spots.

LightHouseGPT~ Purchase Contest still open playing top 3 spots, June 1st till June 6th All Upgrades purchased through Paypal will have their Ads TRIPLED and all other Advertisements (including the combo) purchased with Paypal willbe doubled.

FishingForFunds~ Today ONLY Earn 100 points get 100 points one time only. Month Long Completion contest paying top 3 spots, Month long Points contest paying top 3 spots.

CupidCash~ Survivor contest starts tomorrow, it is not to late to join. See the forum for sign up. Team Races start on June 8th ,you have till june 3rd to sign up. See the forum.
The promo for the first week in June is EVERYONE who reaches 100.00 gets a $20.00 GiftCard,
complete 20 and get a $10 .oo GiftCard! This runs June 1-7th at midnight.
Cupid Cash