Thursday, September 17, 2009

BankRollBucks Closing

The time has come for Bank Roll Bucks to go offline.

I have enjoyed all of my time as a site owner, however, the GPT industry is slowing down and it's time for me to move on.

With that said here are the details:

All offers will be removed Sept 30th sometime in the evening.

The Sept contests are still up and going so don't worry about those.

The hosting does not expire until Oct 21st so the site will be up until then.

I would like everyone to cash out as normal this month for payment in Oct.

If you are the winner(s) of the Sept promos, you may cash out Oct 1st.

The cash out is now 25¢ - the $2 sign on bonus will not be paid out to you if this will be your 1st payment.

If you have already received payments in the past don't worry about losing $2, you were already paid for your sign on bonus.

In following the rules of the networks I cannot exchange Bank Rolls for cash, however if you are very close to reaching a gift certificate, just email me and we can work something out

As of Oct 1st, I will no longer accept any new members and once everyone has been paid, the entire membership base will deleted.

I don't want anyone to worry about non-payment, I have no intentions of not paying you and I would hope my track record will back me up on this.

Thank you all,


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