Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cupid Cash News, Sunday Events

First of all, let me go ahead and fill you in on what is happening Sunday. There will be up to a 15.00 dedication bonus given PER MEMBER, which you can find the details on in the games forum. That will open at 4PM CST, and run until 9pm CST, or after bingo, whichever is later :)
There will be doubledays. In other words...every offer you do on 1/11 will be DOUBLED, no matter the amount. The best way to do this is wait until all offers done (not credited) on that day approve or deny, then email in the total amount. It will then be credited to your account.
All ads and upgrades will be half off that day only.
Games as mentioned above...everyone loves games day, lol.

EVERY five offers completed OR five dollars earned will get you a ticket into a 20.00 instant drawing to be held that night in the forum, with the money paypalled to you instantly. There will be a thread where you post when you reach that goal, so we know how many people have tickets. You may earn them repeatedly.

GOLD, you get unlimited games/wins for that day only...enjoy!

I hope this will keep you all busy on Sunday....and remember, this month is small, because next month is HUGE!!!

I also want to remind you all that Cupid does offer cash advances to its gold members. If you have found yourself stuck after Christmas and needing to make money immediately, please don't struggle. Just ask me for a cash can probably happen :) No need for you to go without, remember?

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to welcome Happyface as the new admin of Cupidcash. She has done a wonderful job the past few days and has proven to be sharp as a tack, and a very good multitasker :) Most of you have seen her reply to your emails, she is also doing all your wins and pulling all the offers, adding offers...just amazing! You may always get in touch with her if you need help, and of course the new PINGBOX (Can you tell I love it, lol) will always be supported. I also want to thank Rracers89 and Michigander for their continued subbing in of bad offers...if Cupid isn't clean by this point, I think I'll cry :)....but no worries...I am putting up new offers just as fast as Nadia is taking them down, lol. You guys are so taken care of!

So, have a great weekend, and rest up for guys deserve everything you get!

Misti and Nadia

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