Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cupid Cash end of month promos

For all of you Cupid newbies (and there are about 100 of you this month...hope you are sure enjoying yourselves :))....I'll just give you a quick rundown on how cashout works here.

There is no "midnight madness" here at cupid....we do everything laid back...none of that frantic offer doing, refreshing to see if anything credited before you hit the cashout button, lol.

Take your time and relax....I make one last crediting run midmorning on the first. After that, I will go and apply all your monthly promos, and any that you had end on the 31st. Usually, if you have qualified for cashout (and this is the 10.00 in PTSU/PTC/Downline earnings), you will see "pending January cashout" sometime in your account before midafternoon. If there is a delay, and when they are finished, I almost always post in the forum. If I have posted that cashouts are complete, and you do not see pending in your account, feel free to email/pm/ping me so we can figure out what's going on. I will do my best to accommodate each of you!

Payments are then made randomly throughout the month, no certain order at all, beginning usually on the first, and running until the first of the month following. I do take early cashout requests...if you need your cashout for rent, etc, I will again do my best to make you a happy camper! Remember also, that Gold members can request a cash advance at any time, and so far I have given them all within a few days, so you guys never have to wait for a full payment unless you just want to :)

On Points.....these, of course, are for gift cards only, no cash. Most of these offers have an insane crediting rate, and points can be cashed out at any time, as soon as you hit a minimum of 10. I have people cashing out 10, 15, 25.00 gift cards every few days, as even a walmart gift card is a good source of income while you are waiting on your big cash payment.

Also, please make sure all the information in your profile is correct and there....several times I have had to email members that have selected "virtual gift card" as payment method, but no store....or "paypal", but not had a paypal address. Please be sure and check that, so if I do decide to pay you early, I can!


Now, few things still going on the next few days, and for those of you who do not frequent the forum, let me remind you.

There is still the referral promo, get two referrals this month that either cashout or upgrade, and get a 20.00 amazon card, while each of your referrals gets a 5.00 one. I think a couple of people have done that this month, but there is always room for more!

There is also the earnings contest, which ends on the 30th, for the 50.00 toysrus card, and the 25/10 in cash. Nice race, that one :)

There is the 1.00 for every 5.00 earned, and there are the following individual offer promos:

For each of these offers completed, get an extra TWO dollars, and TWO tickets to the raffle(s) of your choice (all the raffles are live at this point, from the nano to the 50.00 cash, and all those in only takes one ticket to win :)):

In points:

Keen (Just added, HUGE profit)
Green Umbrella
Credit Check Total (almost 100% crediting)
Grant Every Day (almost 100% crediting) (almost 100% crediting)

In Trials:

Triple Alert

In Hot (all offers here consistently convert at 90% or better)

Google Money Tree
Eye My Credit
Work at Home Solutions
Credit Report America
At Home Money Experts
EZ Grant Source
Protect my ID

No Cost Trials:

Get your credit report now

For the UK, there is Lovefilm, and for Canadians, you have Children's BOMC (these can be added to if any of you outside of the US are interested in a different trial).

There are a lot more new offers, including several freebies (1800 Insurance being one of them :)) that are crediting at almost 100% also, so be sure and just look around.

Lastly, battleship has resumed in the games forum, as well as all the other fun stuff going come and sink some ships!

You guys have a great night...I'm so proud of all of you for finishing the month so strongly, it's a great start to what promises to be a fantastic year!!!!

If you have any questions, as always, Nadia is on top of emails every minute, and I can always be found in the forum or via ping :)


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