Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Payout options at Cupid Cash

HundredAcreClicks~ Due to some members are abusing the PTP privilege The admin is implementing a 100 click requirement for those who are promoting ONLY. All the promoting is causing a strain on the sites bandwidth and admin can not afford to upgrade her hosting any further. Purchase the following special with Alertpay and it will be doubled.
AlertPay Doubler Special
# $1
# 30 Tickets ( )
# 300 Link Credits ( $0.9 Value )
# 3000 X-Credits ( $3 Value )
# 30000 F. Ad Credits ( $3 Value

CupidCash~Misti has added 2 new Payout options. You may now get paid via obopay. There is an offer for this in the jackpot section...all you do is sign up, and when you send money to someone, I will give you 2.00 just for doing that. 2nd option is netspend. This is a prepaid card, that we would just transfer your payment to from Cupid's netspend. On this one though, as soon as you get your card in the mail and load it with 10.00, NETSPEND will give you another 5.00! Let me know, and I'll give you ANOTHER 1.50. This is by invitation only, so look at the site (it works like an online checking acct also, for direct deposit and paypal), and if you are interested, contact Misti and I she will send you an invitation. Their website is www.netspend.com.

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