Friday, June 19, 2009


Cops&Donuts PTC~ Admin reports that Click rates are on their way up. There will be a purchase contest running until Monday night. Also Admin is going to implement a new "prize" on Cops & Donuts. Instead of using the PTSU section, Admin encourages everyone to sign up as you are doing your daily clix if you come across a site that you like. If you do this, please send an email and let her know what site you signed up for it can be ANY site, and she will credit you with 10,000 banner ads or 10,000 featured banner ads of your choice.
Purchase contest prizes are~
1st place ~ 150,000 link credits
2nd place ~ 75,000 PTR credits
3rd place ~ 2,000,000 banner ads
4th place ~ 1,000,000 f. banner ads
5th place ~ 750,000 f. ads

PeaceandLove GPT~ Purchase contest running till June 24th
The prizes are as follows:

1st place ~ 1,000,000 banner impressions
2nd place ~ 750,000 banner impressions
3rd place ~ 500,000 banner impressions
4th place ~ Cool Monthly Membership

Check in daily and I will be announcing the standings. With each purchase, you will receive a lottery ticket. If you haven't already purchased yours, you can use account funds. The grand prize is $70 CASH!

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