Monday, March 2, 2009

Hundred Acre Clicks News

*Hundred Acre Clicks Raffle *
We are having our first raffle! There will be 100 tickets sold and we will have 20 prizes for a grand total value of $50. T: 1st $3 Instant Paypal 2nd 1000 Link Credits 3rd 1 Month F. Link 4th 50,000 F. Ad Credits 5th 50,000 F. Banner Credits 6th 50,000 X Credits 7th $2 Instant Paypal 8th 500 Link Credits 9th 30,000 F. Ad Credits 10th 30,000 F. Banner Credits 11th 30,000 X Credits 12th $1 Instant to Paypal 13th 15,000 F. Ad Credits 14th 15,000 F. Banner Credits 15th 15,000 X Credits 16th 300 Link Credits 17th 100 Email Credits 18th 5,000 F. Ad Credits 19th 5,000 F. Banner Credits 20th 5,000 X Credits

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