Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday/Weekend Promos

Cupid Cash running form 6am Friday till midnight Sunday: 50% of all PTSU earnings for those that make over 25.00 during that time. OR 20% of all PTSU earnings for those that make under 25.00 during that time.
For GOLD Members there is an egg hunt every $10.00 earned get you an egg. Hurry only 9 eggs available.

QUADRUPLE FRIDAY at ForestFaces, lions dance and cops and donuts PTC . Any purchase you make multiply it by 4.

PeaceAndLoveGPT April 10th to April 12th. Highest cash earner receives 50% of cash earned. April 13th t0 April 15th Highest peace sign earner receives 50% of peace signs earned. Check at the forum for some Easter fun also.

My Flipper Cash Double Double Deuce Weekend the top 10 dolphin earners receive double there dolphin points

SmileyFreebies4You every $5.00 earned get you $1.00

RUREADY4Money Money Bag Multiplication Weekend! Apr 10, 2009 to Apr 12, 2009 . All money bags earned this weekend you will earn 100% more.

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