Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday's News

FlowerPower PTC Premium members will now earn a minimum of .003 per click and 100% referral earnings and a no-minimum payout. WOW just logged in an noticed there ar 63 prem. omly members ads.

LionDance PTC starting this Friday 4/24 and every Friday following Premium/upgraded members will randomly have referrals added to their accounts. The number will vary based on availability, but all the referrals will be active.

TikiTreasures is up for sale asking price is $250.00 OBO. I am not a member of this site. My rant oh brother yet another one up for sale and changing owners.

MyFlipperCash Thrifty Thursday anyone that buys an upgrade or advertising send in a TT and you wll recieve 25% cash back into your account.

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