Monday, April 27, 2009


ForestFacesPTC is switching hosts so the site will be done for a bit.

PeaceandLove GPT Admin wants to remind members that they must complete some offers in order to cashout. She will not allow you to cash out simply because of your referal bonuses and the amount you recieve becuase there in your downline.

LionDance PTC is having two raffels one will be for $20.00 the other will be for 20 referrals.

PaidtheFastest Payment
Amount: $3.22 USD
Transaction Date: Apr 24, 2009
Subject: Payment

MoneyMakesrInn will be closing Closing may 1st members were told anyone with a balance above the $2.00 sign up bonus will be paid BUT the website has now disappeared. See HERE for more information

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