Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wensday's News

FireHouseOffers Starting today and running for 1 week is complete 15 offers win $3.00, Color contest will start Thursday. There is a month long referral contest.

MyMounainsOfCash which is run by Becky owner of FireHouse offers, is now open and running a month long completion and referral contest. Also today Complete 15 offers win $3.00 and a color contest starts tomorrow.

LightHouseGPT has a PTSU,PTC and referall contest running for the month. Also she added a bonus contest log in to your account for details and she is offering bonuses to members who use the on site chatbox.

CupidCash In honor of Mistis sons birthday April will be Birthday month at cupid.
April 1st promo's are
Complete 6 offers and get one to grow on (meaning choose one up to 6.00 to double)
Earn 6.00 and get an additional 6.00 one time only.GOLD, you may choose the above promo OR 60% of your total earnings PTSU For the Month GOLD....every 100.00 you earn this month gets you a 20.00 GC to the store of your choice. AND do not forget my offer join under me (rracers89) complete 1 offer and ill buy you 1 months gold membership.

Shiftcode is updating their script from now on cash and point history will only saved for the past year.

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