Friday, May 15, 2009

UMMMM Are you Kidding me?

Keep On Truckin' PTC
Lion Dance PTC
Cops & Donuts PTC
Forest Faces PTC
Flower Power PTC
Lemonaide Clickers PTC
Peace and Love GPT
This is the email I received.
All of the sites listed above will be going to a new format of One Free Month, then you must upgrade or be deleted. Info regarding the other changes will be sent soon.

I will wait to see what the details are but as of right now I guess I will be canceling my membership at the above sites. I for one will not pay a PO so they pay me what I earned. I am VERY disappointed.

UPDATE I just recieved this message
I am hereby listening to my members and reversing the policy.

Thank you trully, I would of hated to leave your sites.


EcoAngelMom said...

I can understand both sides of this idea. It did upset me when I first read this, but when you think about it, EVERYONE benefits in the end.

I am chatting with her now. :)

She really is a nice person.

MsFit said...

I was wondering if you wanted to trade blog links.
Ill add your blog to my blog list and you and mine to yours.
let me know.



The.Moolah.Queen said...

I just received the same email from the owner and I'm on four of her sites and very disappointed when I read this.I don't know if I should stay with the sites I'm on and upgrade or just close them all together.

rracers89 said...

Absolutely MsFit, I read your blog several times a week. Thanks!!

Yeah I can see upgrading as a choice but to be forced to do it or be deleted is what really bothered me. And Now she selling the GPT site so... I don't know just seems funny all these sites trading hands lately.