Sunday, May 24, 2009

Payments, promo's and More

Anythingfree4You~ All point prizes now have the exact cash value of 2 cents - Meaning all prizes were lowered. $5 is now only 250 points , $10 is only 500 points and $20 is only 1000 points
Complete the most offers today and get $10 - As an added bonus if you win,I will pay your $10 bonus to your paypal.
Also got my PTC payment, Thanks!!!

LightHouseGPT~ Sunday and Monday Purchase an upgrade via Paypal and you will get triple the ads, Purchase any ads and they will be doubled.

MyFlipperCashClicks referral bonus percentage changes. Starting Saturday, referral bonuses change to 10% for free members, and 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% for the various membership upgrades. The referral bonus now also goes three levels deep, instead of just one level. She will now pay $.25 for payment proofs posted in forums. Send a TT one you post. This is unlimited.

RUready4Money ALL mmoney bags will be reset tonight so she can up the value to $.10 make sure you redeem your bags before tonight or you will lose the, I bought an upgrade!!
Sundays Promo random promo code for every 5 offers completed.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

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