Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sites for Sale, Delayed Payment's, Todays promo's

FlowerPower PTC and Lemonaide Clickers are for sale, Their owned by Trully Luke if anyone is interested please contact her.

LionDancePTC~ Admin has been having some issues with the site since switching hosts, but wants members to know she has not forgot about payments and all payments will be made by Friday May 29th. I just bought an upgrade at this site. Good Site. I have been paid 3x so far.

PeaceandLove GPT~ This is a message I recieved in a email, I copied and pasted since there was so much info. I did not want to miss anything. I am assuming now the site is not gonna be sold, BUT that is just an assumption on my part.
The cost to enjoy being a Hippie have been lowered and I have added a one month membership as a choice. Remember, you won't have the $10 minimum, you will get paid on demand and lots more.

Those upgraded to Hippie will enjoy the following:

~ No minimum cash out ($10 minimum waived for hippies)
~ On demand payments (get paid when YOU want to)
~ 1 referral per month
~ 30 day banner impression for 1 banner monthly
~ Free .001 PTC ad to 100 hits monthly
~ Referral levels 20%/10%
~ Daily Trivia
~ 12% discount on advertising purchases
~ And more...
Your cost to enjoy these benefits for:

1 year = $45
6 mos = $25
3 mos = $15
1 month = $6
HundredAcreClicks~ Has been cleaning up the site of members from China and bots. So that is why you might be seeing a decrease in your referrals. Also don't forget the free raffle ticket with any UPGRADE purchase promo. There are 30 tickets left. Plus any and all purchases will count toward the current purchase contest AND towards your support balance for the Garden of Milestones bonus!!

RUReady4Money~ is extending the earn $1 get 0.25 unlimited contest for another day.

CupidCash~ Today's promo is Top Earner for today wins $5.00

MyFlipperCash~ Today is Thrifty Thursday buy any advertising or upgrade and receive 25% cashback. Send TT for the bonus.


Miss Money Hunter said...

I saw over on GPTB yesterday or last night that another site owner had spoken to PeaceAndLoveGPT's owner and the owner said she wasn't going to sell the site.

rracers89 said...

Yes I saw that to. Thanks!!