Saturday, March 7, 2009

* Cupid Cash Weekend Promo's

here is your promo for the weekend :)

Get 10% of all freebies approved.

Do 1-2 trials, get 10% of that total as well.
Do 3-5 trials, and get 25%
Do 5-7 trials and get 50%
Do more than 7 and get SEVENTY FIVE percent of your weekend offer earnings!!!

There are so many new freebies and trials alike up, they so far are all crediting well, a lot have money under them...this should be a piece of cake for you guys :)

Your best bet would be to work the weekend, then on Monday, when everything has approved or denied, go ahead and send in the total you earned, and the total we need to add, and we'll be happy to give it to you!

Good luck to you guys!

Cupid Cash

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