Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday's News

CupidCash will be adding a monthly monopoly game see the forum for more details. Don't forget about monthly battleship game that runs in the forum also.

MyFlipperCash has added a MySpace page, check the offers page on the site for a little easy cash by joining them on MySpace. She also wants to remind members that they need to be verified to cash out and make sure you read the TOS concerning reversals, duplicating offers and fraud.

FireHouseOffers has 3 contests starting today
1st Earn $3 win $1 today only, one win only min offer must be at least $.15
2nd Earn 60 helmets, win 20 helmets today only and one time only min offer must be 3 helmets.
3rd Color Contest see site for more details.

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