Sunday, March 15, 2009

CupidCash Games and PROMOS

This weeks games schedule
Monday 11 am and 7 pm..........Family Feud
Tuesday No games or promos so that you may all go play at MMIs game day
Wednesday 11am and 730pm.......Deal or no Deal
Thursday 11am and 730pm.........Smarter than a Fifth Grader
Friday 11am and 730pm..............Wheel of Fortune.
1) All games next week are free to play, and GOLD may play their limited games an unlimited amount of times. You have three prize spots in your guaranteed, two others in rotation.

2) There will be a site/forum scavenger hunt. From Monday to Friday again, there are 20 spring break related pictures hidden mainly in the forum, a few on site. Find all 20, send the links/locations to me, and I will give you 5.00.

3) There will be an inforum "Craziest Spring Break" story. You may do this anonymously if you wish, or just post in the thread. We will close the thread on Thursday, and the member with the most votes gets 5.00 to their account on Saturday.

4)There will also be a trivia contest with 10.00 in cash to be given out. Just keep doing your trivia as usual and prizes will automatically dispense to the top 3 members on Saturday.

5)The first two members to 40.00 earned get their choice of 15.00 cash or a lavender spa basket/cherry blossom bath set

6)The first two members to 25 completed, get their choice of 5.00 cash or cherry blossom bath fizzers or freesia fizzers

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