Friday, March 13, 2009

CupidCash Payment

This is a weekly payment from cupid

cupidcash just sent you money with PayPal
Amount: $27.52 USD

Transaction Date: Mar 13, 2009

Transaction ID: DELETED

Subject: You've got a payment

Message: Thanks for being such a super member! Keep up the great work! Misti

*****Come on guys you are missing out on SO MUCH this is the BEST site!!!
*****Dont for get my offer Join under me complete 1 offer and ill give you 1 months gold memebrship.

Gold membership includes ALL THIS
1. ON DEMAND, NO MINIMUM CASHOUTS..anytime, anywhere!
2. Free promotion of your referral ID - Your referral ID will be randomly assigned to members AND ADVERTISERS that signup without a referrer..10 TIMES that of other members!
3. 30 Day Banner Impressions x 1 banner - monthly
4. Free .005 PTC ad to 100 hits - monthly
5. Earn 20%/10% from referrals instead of 15%/5%...DOUBLE the commission!
6. Meet it or BEAT it! Bring me an offer paying more somewhere else, and I'll meet or BEAT that payout!
7. Access to a "members only" treasure room with cash and prizes, as much as a 10.00 instant gift card!
8. Dig for treasure on a special hunt...who knows if you'll find it!
9. A special board in the forum available only to upgraded members where there are giveaways, contests, etc, not available to regular members
10. 10% off any advertising purchase
11. A random cash game where you win cash every day, also private!
12. A "MEMORY" game, where you can make a match and win up to 25.00!!
13. Opportunity for a cash advance WHENEVER you need it!
14. Get your fortune told
15. Daily trivia questions for money
16. This month, find hidden promo codes, over 200.00 worth hidden!
17. ....and MORE!

Cupid Cash

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